Ian Mortimer


Poetry and Songs

My first compositions were poems. So were my first published works. At the age of sixteen I picked up the electric guitar of the chap I shared a room with at school and started to strum. In the holidays I lifted down the old Spanish guitar that my mother had hung on the wall since she gave up trying to play. And one way or the other, something worked. Read more

Flickering Antiquity

A collection of poems written 1995-2013, together with the lyrics of seven songs written in that time. Published by Cross Tree Press

An album of twelve original songs by twelve artists living in the two adjacent Dartmoor parishes of Moretonhampstead and Chagford. I contributed one song, It doesn't matter to me.

Musical collaborations

In March 2014 I was invited to speak to the eight musicians who contributed to the Elizabethan Session concerts and album. They also asked me to write some notes for the CD, which I gladly did.

In July 2016 I will be collaborating again with Emily Askew (who was one of the musicians on The Elizabethan Session). She and her sister Hazel are members of The Artisans: a group who perform medieval music (among other things). Click here for details of the Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval Music.